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The Seven Summit Trail, true to its name, is a 30.4 km ridge ride
that passes within a half hour ascent of seven major peaks in the
Rossland area. Traversing above the well known Red Resort ski hill, the
trail takes you past the treeline on a breathtaking alpine challenge.
This newly constructed alpine trail was completed as of September 2004
and finishing touches will continue this summer and beyond.

Above the “Alpine City” of Rossland, the Seven Summit trail is the
essential back country trail of the Monashee Mountains. Traveling south
will allow for an initial elevation gain with an overall descent for the
rest of the way. Starting at the north trail head parking lot at Nancy
Greene Summit (21.2 km from Rossland), the ride will land you at the12
km sign up the Old Cascade highway. Turn left onto this old settler’s
route to take it back to downtown Rossland for a round trip (13.8 km).
The north and the south trailheads have easy vehicle access.

Alternatively, the trail can be assimilated with the Dewdney trail at
the south end of Record Ridge where it meets up with the old Cascade
Highway. Instead of hanging a left onto the old Cascade Highway continue
straight past it for an added 5.4 km and an extra 700m of elevation
drop. This will land you down highway 22, 3km north of the American
boarder near Patterson.

A light and agile full-suspension or hard tail bike will best suit
this 4-6 hour ride (some lugging required). There is a “leave no trace”
policy and there are no official rest stops, so bring plenty of water
and supplies (especially when exposed to the alpine sun and winds).

For more information go to or pick up a Seven
Summit Trail brochure on Columbia avenue at the Rossland Chamber of
Commerce, Rossland Pro Hardware or Revolution Cycle.

7-Summit Key Info

Elevation : North end 1575m

South end 1412m

Old Glory Junction 1805m

Max 2200m

Average 1980m

Distance : 4-6 hrs Biking,10-12 hrs hiking, 30.4 km

Access : Easy

Map Sheet : NAD 82 F/4(Rossland-Trail)

Rating : Challenging day trip


North Trail Head – Nancy Greene Summit 21.2 km’s from Downtown
Rossland. Roadside parkinglot. Head north from Rossland past Red
Mountain Resort on highway 3B. Elevation 1575m

South Trail Head – 1st summit on Cascade Rd @ 12km sign. 13.8 km from
Downtown Rossland. Head south from Rossland on Cascade Rd off of
Highway 22 just past the Rossland Museum.

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